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Music From Another World

An old 60s mood/elevator music LP record, converted to mp3 and including picture files for the cover, back cover, and label ready to burn so you, too, can own this fine record on CD.

The Peanuts

The duet who starred in Mothra - the only giant monster movie made in Japan in the 60s even worth watching, were big stars. Here are two of their albums I managed to steal off someone else's site.

Old Sci Fi Radio (Downloads)

Hundreds of old radio shows are now available online through your browser.

Please limit yourself to 30 megs a day - about 5 shows - after which the server is supposed to ban you for 24 hours.

The link in the Button below will change every few days, so please bookmark this page

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(To see an (out of date)listing of the radio shows, and to provide something for those irritating spiders to index, here are the horror and science fiction shows as of November 2005, and here is an outdated list from September. of 2004, and here are some links to old listings by show title so google doesn't return any 404 errors and think i'm dead.)